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Offering a unique blend of Chiropractic & Functional Medicine.

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Dr. Naomi Johnson focuses on restoration and maintenance of health by leveraging a unique combination of neurologically based chiropractic care combined with functional medicine principles. She studied cell and molecular biology at the University of Maine before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic where she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2002.  She has completed training in Functional Medicine through the Kalish Institute with a focus on adrenal health and balancing female hormones.  She has attended numerous post-graduate seminars on nutrition, brain health, concussion recovery and the effects of chronic inflammation on health.  She is also a Certified Impairment Rater for the AMA Guides.

Your body has an amazing capacity to heal.
We help support that process.

Acute Pain.  This occurs immediately after an injury - a sports injury, a fall, a car accident.  The pain experienced after an injury is a message to the brain that there may be damage, or a risk of damage to tissues in the area.

Chronic Pain.  Chronic pain is pain that has lasted more than 3 months.  In about 85% of cases, no physical cause for the pain—such as arthritis or disk damage—can be found. Such unexplained pain is thought to be caused by changes in the brain that persist even after the damaged tissue heals.  In technical terms, maladaptive neuroplastic changes drive chronic pain.

In our office we address the primary factors that contribute to pain - tissue damage, inflammation, and maladaptive neuroplastic changes in the brain. 

The same area of the brain that we focus on to make changes in pain levels (the prefontal cortex) also affects stress levels, immune system function, digestion, and mood.  As a result many of our patient report:

Improved sleep.
Improved digestion.

More balanced moods.
Decreased Anxiety.
They get sick less often.
Increased sense of well-being. 

Initial Consultation & Exam

Consultation and comprehensive examination focusing on your spedific health concerns.

Stress Response Testing

A simple 15-minute test that measures the ability of your brain and nervous system to respond to stress.

Computerized Posture Exam

A computerized posture evaluation that allows us to understand how postural distortions are affecting your health.

Google Reviews
Google Reviews
I’m such a huge fan of Dr
I’m such a huge fan of Dr
I’m such a huge fan of Dr
I’m such a huge fan of Dr
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