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Why Should You Measure Brain Function?

What controls and coordinates every function in your entire body?  YES....your brain!  No matter what type of health condition you are dealing with, doesn't it make sense to check the master control system of your body?  That is why we measure the function of the brain and nervous system to find out if abnormal brain function and communication may be the CAUSE of your health concerns.  

 What causes Abnormal Brain Function?


Our bodies have a built-in warning system that picks up on different threats and alerts the body to be ready to respond. Most of this reaction occurs below your conscious awareness and triggers a cascade of protection responses such as increasing blood pressure, heart rate, hand moisture, muscle tension & breathing. This warning mechanism is coordinated by your brain and nervous system, which is the master control system of your body. These “threats” can be actual threats like a fire alarm going off or they can be perceived threats such as financial worries or relationship issues. Your brain responds to these threats in similar ways. These responses are designed to move us into “survival” mode in order to save ourselves from the threat. For example, our heart rate and breathing rate will increase when the fire alarm goes off to help us escape a fire. Once we are safe however, they should return to normal. Your brain reacts similarly if we perceive a “threat” around finances or relationships. These “threats” however tend to become chronic leaving our brains “stuck” in an abnormal pattern without being able to return to normal. This leads numerous health issues. The instrumentation we use at our office measures your brain’s ability to adapt to and recover from stress. It will tell us if your brain is “stuck” and if so, what area it is stuck. This helps us to determine the best care plan possible based on your specific brain function. This test is called the Stress Response Evaluation.

Poor Brain Function Can Lead to The Following:

• High Blood Pressure • Cardiovascular Disease • Diabetes • Depression • IBS • ADD/ADHD • Sleep Issues • Low Energy • Brain Fog • Bladder Issues • Memory Issues • Digestive Issues • Anxiety • Learning Disorders 


In our office we focus on restoring proper brain function and communication leading to better health. Recent brain research shows that how you respond to—and recover from—stress may be a better indicator of your current (and future) health, than any other factor.


What others are saying.....   No More Anxiety!

When Libby came to see us, she had been suffering from headaches, low back pain, hip pain, shoulder spasms, anxiety, fatigue and gastric reflux.  Her Stress Response Evaluation revealed significant stress on her brain and nervous system.  Libby committed to a care plan and within the first 6 weeks she has noticed a marked improvement in all of her symptoms.  When you treat the cause, amazing things can happen. 

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